Friday, January 01, 2010

I Have No Shame

Hello Readers,

Happy New Year!

This is my first blog posting for 2010.  If you've been following me for a while, you might remember that I've tried a couple of times before to blog, but have never really followed through.  I'm hoping 2010 will be different.  LOL  We'll see.

You'd think that as a writer, I could think up lots to say, but outside of my stories, I'm not really that much of a talker, so...this should prove interesting.

For my first blog (which is aptly titled) I'd like to announce that I'm listed in a few categories at the annual Peditors & Editors Poll.

If you've enjoyed my books, I'd appreciate votes (see -- no shame!).  Of course, if you'd rather vote for another author, that's great too.  Pick your favorites.  It's actually kind of fun to watch the polls and see how everyone is doing.  Okay, I'm easily amused!

Here are the links to the categories I'm in.  There are lots of other categories for you to explore there, so spend some time at the site and take a look around.

Here are the categories that I'm in:
(you might want to right click & open each of these in a new window)

Author -- Ruth D. Kerce:

Short Story - Romance -- Her Winged Mates:

Erotica Novel -- Xylon Warriors IV: Ecstasy Bound:

Ebook Cover -- Xylon Warriors IV: Ecstasy Bound:

I really do like the cover for Ecstasy Bound, so I hope it does well. 

My next blog posting will be soon (ish).  I should have some news to announce before too much longer, so stop back in when you can and check things out.

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