Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Wanton 1: Wanton Temptation (now in print)

The first book in my western historical series -- Wanton -- came out in print today from Ellora's Cave. The company changed the cover for the print version. Very sexy! Love it.



Dark, mysterious, sexy-as-sin...and possibly a murderer.

Now, Skylar Davenport must discover if this handsome stranger killed her neighbors. She knows she shouldn't trust him. She shouldn't feel anything for him. He could steal everything precious to her, including her life. But Wade Sinclair makes her feel alive. She craves his smile, his touch, and so much more.

Skylar isn't what Wade expected. Instead of hard and vengeful, as he'd been told, Skylar is soft and so gorgeous he aches to touch her. She has a temper, but is smart and determined. Unfortunately, he has a job to do. And though he wants her in his bed, he certainly isn't about to let his heart rule his head. Fate killed love for him once. He isn't looking for a second chance. He'll bed her if he can, but he'll also do what he was hired to do.

He'll take care of Skylar permanently, and move on with his life, alone...or so he thinks.

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