Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yes, FREE! Don't you love a free offer?

Okay, what's free? The first book in my Xylon Warriors series: Initiation. This is a full length (plus novel), erotic, science fiction romance. Ellora's Cave has even given the ebook a sexy, new cover. I love it!

The ebook is free to download until June 3rd, 2012 -- so get it while it's hot (well, technically, it's always hot - hehehe). Get it while it's free. If you like the book, consider posting a short review at the site of purchase. I'd really appreciate it.

Braden Koll is on a mission to retrieve a DNA-compatible, Earth woman for breeding, and sexually initiate her into The Lair of Xylon.

Alexa Sandor is having dreams about a planet and a duty she doesn't understand. A man, supposedly from that planet, has come to "initiate" her, so she can produce children to save them from a half-creature, half-humanoid race of Slave Masters.

Now she needs to find the courage to leave Earth for an unknown planet. Her decision will, ultimately, not only affect the future of Xylon, but Earth as well.

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