Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wanton Desire

My erotic, western historcal romance novel "Wanton Desire" -- the 3rd book in my Wanton series, is now available for download.

Heading back west, Emma wonders if Joe Jackson, the former gunslinger she once craved, will even remember her. She’s been in Boston a long time and hasn’t heard from him since she left. She still sometimes dreams of doing decadent things with the sexy man but won’t be indulging those fantasies. She isn’t planning to stay in New Mexico beyond a few days. Besides, she’s used to more refined gentlemen now.

When Emma Bray temporarily returns to Elk Valley, Joe is determined not to let her rip out his heart a second time. But that’s not going to stop him from sampling her body every way he can. Seems she’s turned into a proper city woman with an uppity attitude to match. Once he gets her in his arms, he intends to strip away that attitude right along with her clothing. He’s going to show her the erotic pleasures of the flesh and bring to the surface her every wanton desire.

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