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Ruth's Fanzine - November / December 2013


  Hello Readers!

Happy Holidays to all of you! This month, I'm highlighting a few of my Christmas stories. I love this time of year with all the great food, decorations, and friendly atmosphere. Anyone asking Santa for a new e-reader for Christmas?

Since I'm now posting this newsletter to my blog, I'll be making some minor changes to the format, here and there. So, if things start looking a little different, you'll know why. Besides, I love to tinker with formats, and this gives me a good excuse!

Until next month...happy reading!


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Christmas Reads

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Winter Studs:
One Naughty Winter Night

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Holiday Howlz:
Her Feral Pack

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White Hot Christmas:
Her Feral Destiny

Excerpt of: XMAS AFFAIR - a sensual, holiday tale

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Copyright © 2011
All rights reserved

Book art by Ruth D. Kerce
Published through Smashwords & KDP

Check out an excerpt below.


Holiday wishes can come true.

Julie's holiday isn't feeling very festive this year. There's no hunk for her to kiss under the mistletoe on Christmas. Or so she thinks. Until her one true love unexpectedly reappears in her life.

He left her once, and no matter how hot the sexual sparks between her and Jab still are, trusting him again isn't easy. Only after she finds out the real reason Jab left her is she able to open her heart to their love and fall back into his embrace.


An Allromance eBooks Bestseller

EXCERPT:   Warning - Graphic Text

       "I am not putting that battery-operated Santa on top of my Christmas tree," Julie told her friend. She'd be mortified to have people see that thing.

       "Why not?" Carmen asked with an innocent look that she actually almost pulled off.

       "Look at him. He's naked. His candy cane cock is eight inches long. And the thing turns."

       "Don't you want to suck it and see what it tastes like?"

       "Ew! That is so not funny."

       "Oh, come on." Carmen laughed. "I swear, you are such a prude."

       "I am not a prude. If I were a prude, I'd have mentioned how disgusting it is that they used blinking Christmas bulbs for his balls. But I didn't, did I?"

       "Actually, I think you just did."

       "Hmm. Okay. So I'm a prude. Stick a sign on my forehead. Just take that thing away. The leer on his face is creepy. He's like Evil Flasher Santa or something."

       "You're just trying to distract me with baseless, holiday objections." She set the Santa tree-topper on a side table. "Let's get back to the subject at hand."

       "No!" Julie repeated for the fourth time. "I already told you. The subject at hand is closed. I don't do blind dates any more." How many times did she have to say it?

       "You said you wished you had someone special to kiss under the mistletoe."

       "A silly Christmas wish. I was rambling."

       "Well, you said yes on the phone when I called you about the date."

       "That wasn't me. That was my mother. She was here the other day, trying to cause me trouble again. She must have picked up the phone while I was in the bathroom." Her mother had often done that when she was in high school, and her friends could never tell the difference. It had been a constant source of frustration in her life. The worse part was that her mother apparently saw nothing wrong with it and enjoyed trying to steer her life in whatever direction she saw fit.

       "But I already told him you'd go," Carmen replied as she hung another bulb on the artificial tree.

       Julie shook her head, not believing this conversation. "Then you're just going to have to make up some excuse why I can't. Tell him I eloped or something. You are a major disaster when it comes to men, and I'm not going to endure any more of your matchmaking attempts." She hung a candy cane on a branch then cringed at the reminder of the obscene Santa. Whoever would do that to a Santa Claus should be strung up and denied Christmas presents for the rest of their life.

       "But I really think--"

       "No." Julie spun around to face her best friend. "It's settled. Okay?" She didn't want to hurt Carmen's feelings, but she couldn't face any more fix-ups. Since she'd turned thirty, every one of her friends -- and several relatives -- had tried to find her a husband. Not a one of them had bothered to ask if she even wanted a husband.

       "Fine. But are you sure that was your mother on the phone? It sounded just like you."

       "Yes, I'm sure."

       Carmen plopped down in a nearby chair and let out a long, dramatic sigh. "You are such a bore when it comes to relationships. When are you going to try something adventurous? You haven't even asked me about him. You might change your mind."

       "I highly doubt that." Carmen had an uncanny ability for setting her up with losers, not adventure. Besides, she was perfectly capable of finding her own dates.

       "Aren't you the least bit curious?" Carmen leaned forward. "I swear, this one isn't weird in any way."

       "That's what you said about the comb-over." She cringed at the memory of that interminable evening.

       "So, he was balding and combed his hair over. What's wrong with that? You shouldn't be so critical."

       "Critical? It was three strands of hair, two feet long. Then he spent all evening insulting my hair style. He told me I should cut my long hair into a short shag. Can you imagine that? I felt like yanking his three strands right out of his head."

       Carmen laughed and a twinkle entered her eye. "Well, this guy I found for you has a full head of hair, so no worries there. It's not even thinning yet."



       Suspicion crept into Julie's thoughts. Carmen always held something back. "So what is he? Four feet tall? A hundred and three years old? An ax murderer? What?"

XMAS AFFAIR by Ruth D. Kerce
A Sensual, Holiday Short Story
Copyright © 2011, All Rights Reserved

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