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Ruth's Fanzine - December 2013 / January 2014

  Hello Readers!

2014 - a new year; new possibilities; new stories to read! I hope to have several new releases in 2014. Along with another surprise for some of my readers/fans. More information will be forthcoming, so watch for the news (yes, I'm being mysterious at the moment).

And as you can see, I'm still tweaking the format of this newsletter a bit, so please bear with me. Or maybe you can't tell. LOL Just minor stuff really. I think I'm almost where I want to be with it.

This month, as one holiday is winding down and another holiday is upcoming, I'm highlighting two of my Christmas stories, along with two Valentine's Day stories (it'll be here before you know it!). See the list of books in the panel on the right.

Happy Reading!


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My novella "One Naughty Winter Night" is only 99¢ -- for a limited time only!
(through Janauary 5th).

So, if you haven't read this novella yet, now is the perfect time. It's available at all online outlets - there are a list of links after the excerpt below.

This story is part of the Winter Studs trilogy, but is a stand-alone read, so you don't have to purchase all 3 books to enjoy this sexy, holiday story about best friends (Kyle & Kayla) who become lovers.

Christmas Reads

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One Naughty Winter Night

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Xmas Affair

Valentine's Day Reads

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Diamond Assets

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Candy Valentine

Excerpt of: One Naughty Winter Night - an erotic, holiday tale

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Copyright © 2006
All rights reserved

Book art by Syneca
Published through Ellora's Cave

Check out an excerpt below.


Kyle Winter is in love--with his best friend. After uncovering her need for bondage and submission, his desire for her burns too strongly to ignore.

Kayla Robard is in love--with her best friend. What's a girl to do? Show him that she has plenty of naughty in her to capture and hold his interest, of course.

With Christmas looming, one naughty winter night, friends find the intimacy and wild indulgence they've sought for years.


Ms. Ruth D. Kerce writes a very fast-paced, interesting story about two people who know all there is to know about each other. The story is very explicit and the sex is plentiful! I enjoyed the plot and Ms. Kerce's style. She composes the novel in a way to catch the interest of all readers. She did not fail; I would definitely read other of her works. I recommend this story to everyone - Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

** Joyfully Recommended
** Cameo Awards Nominee
** Ecataromance Reviewers' Choice Award Nominee

EXCERPT:   Warning - Graphic Text

       "Kayla," he choked out and smacked her ass again. "You're so hot."

       She moaned. "Don't stop, Kyle. Harder." She wanted more intensity. She needed that rush of erotic feeling through her body.

       His barely audible groan caressed her senses. "I'll give you all you need." His hand landed on her ass repeatedly now, harder and faster.

       "Ah, ah, ah." With each smack, her pleasure grew. "That makes my clit ache, Kyle."

       "Damn. You're driving me crazy." He landed a few more sharp slaps then massaged her cheeks. "Pretty pink butt. Let's see how wet that made you, baby."

       Very wet. She felt his tongue on her inner thigh. Her muscles jumped at the moist contact, and she almost came right then.

       "Tell me what you want," he demanded, his fingers brushing her intimately.

       The spanking, along with his no-nonsense tone, made her pussy drip. "I want you, Kyle."

       "No. Tell me what to do with my tongue. I want to hear you say the words."

       "I, um, want you to lick me." Like he didn't know. But saying the words aloud upped the intensity level. She realized he understood that and intended to push her to her limits tonight.

       "Where should I lick you, Kayla?"

       Her desire grew, and frustration rolled through her. She needed to be sexually sated. But Kyle seemed determined to torture her, build her tension, her carnal urges, until she begged for release. And he was doing a good job of it too. "Lick me between my legs." Now. She loved a man's tongue lapping at her pussy, especially a man who enjoyed pleasing a woman orally.

       "More specific, Kayla. Where between your legs?" His tongue touched her inner thigh, halfway to her knee. "Here?" He moved to the other thigh, a little higher and licked her skin. "Or maybe here?"

       Needing his tongue inside her, she whimpered. "Lick my pussy. You know that's what I want."

An Erotic, Holiday Novella
Copyright © 2006, All Rights Reserved

Order at:
Ellora's Cave
Barnes & Noble
Sony Ebooks
Kobo Ebooks
AllRomance eBooks


See You Next Month!

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