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Ruth's Fanzine - April / May 2014

Hello Readers!

New release! Well, kinda sort of.

Changeling Press has re-issued my erotic thriller, PROJECT: SILHOUETTE, as part of their 10-year anniversary celebration.

If you missed the book the first time around, please take another look. This is a novella-length story and part of the Changeling Press Dark Desires line. It's a combination of: Paranormal, Dark Fantasy, BDSM, & Erotic Romance. Ooo!

Scroll down to find the cover, a blurb, and a hot excerpt.

Next month, we'll continue with the Xylon Warriors series feature and hopefully I'll have some addtional news on the next book to give you all by then. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Happy Reading!


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Available for a limited time, so act now ... discount does apply to the re-issue of my above-mentioned book: Project: Silhouette while the Spring season lasts.

Xylon Warriors Series

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Book 1

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His Carnal Need
Book 2

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Flames of Arousal
Book 3

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Ecstasy Bound
Book 4

Excerpt of: Project: Silhouette - an erotic, thriller novella

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Copyright © 2007
Re-issued © 2014

All rights reserved

Book art by Skyewolf
Published by Changeling Press

Check out an excerpt below.


Only one way exists to destroy the dark and raunchy sex.

Garret Renke needs help. The Shadows his sister created for the government have attached themselves to him, and their sexual cravings are insatiable.

Regina Howard, his sister's former assistant, gets dragged into the nightmare when they become trapped at his cabin during a storm. The fact that she's smart, and beautiful, and sexy doesn't make things easier on him.

Gina is shocked to find the Shadows attached to Garret. She's fantasized more than once about being alone with him. But not like this. Unless they overload the Shadows' powers, they're both in for a dangerous ride.


Project: Silhouette was a fascinating paranormal short story. Locked in together so that the Shadows don't escape, Garrett and Gina have intense sex, including light BDSM. Their sexual encounters were graphic and extreme, both because they needed to rid themselves of the Shadows and because they were incredibly interested in each other. I was totally enthralled by their sex. The plot was different and refreshing - Marcy Arbitman, The Romance Studio

EXCERPT:   Warning - Graphic Text

       Reaching between her legs, he felt her readiness. Nicely wet. He smiled. Perfect. She must have enjoyed the spanks. Good to know. She'd barely pretended a protest, and never told him to stop, so he didn't feel bad and intended to smack her luscious butt some more. The slight jiggle and pink flush from his slaps turned him on. He opened his jeans and pushed them and his underwear down his hips.

       As he smacked her ass a third time, she moaned, proving him correct in his assumption. She did like it. The tip of his cock pushed against the entrance to her pussy. "Do you want it?"

       "Yes. Fuck me! Hurry."

       He felt hard enough to drill through concrete. Still, he didn't just ram his cock in, even though she wanted it. He slowly pushed inside her, feeling a sense of satisfaction when she whimpered and then groaned. He intended to fill her completely, giving her every inch.

       "Ah, Garret!"

       A long moan rumbled up from his throat. He'd known her pussy would feel great gripping his cock, but he hadn't anticipated anything like this. So wet and warm and such a snug fit. His eyes closed as waves of pleasure rolled through him. He wanted the feeling to last forever. "Fuck, you're tight!" Garret's eyes opened and his fingers curled around her hips. He began thrusting.

       "Yes, Garret! Fuck me hard."

       "Hell, yeah." Her encouragement broke his control. He pumped her hard and fast, keeping the intensity high for too many reasons to list, even if he were thinking clearly enough to do so. "All you want and need, baby."

       The muscles of her pussy squeezed his cock, and he about lost it, until he felt a sting on his ass. "What the hell?" He stopped and glanced behind him. The Dominatrix. She had whipped him, and he felt it like he'd felt her tongue earlier.

       "What is it?" Gina asked. "Don't stop now!"

       "No way." His attention returned to her. "I'm not pulling out until my cock has no cum left to give." When the Dominatrix smacked his ass again, he groaned and moved his hips, fucking Gina even harder than before, trying to get deeper. He knew that's what they all wanted -- him, Gina, and the Dominatrix.

       "Oh, oh, oh!" Gina moaned. "Yes!"

An Erotic, Thriller Novella
Copyright © 2007 & 2014, All Rights Reserved

Order at:
Changeling Press
Barnes & Noble
AllRomance eBooks


See You Next Month!

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