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Ruth's Fanzine - May / June 2014

Hello Readers!

I promised everyone some Xylon Warriors news this month. The next book in the series, Xylon Warriors V, is now in the hands of my editor at Ellora's Cave. It's not officially contracted yet, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be finalized be soon. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress.

This month, in the Fanzine, I'm continuing with the Xylon Warriors theme and have posted an excerpt from the second book (His Carnal Need), which is Erik's and Leila's story. I hope you enjoy it and invite you to please give the series a read or recommend it to a friend. Reviews are also always appreciated.

Happy Reading!


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Xylon Warriors Series

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Book 1

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His Carnal Need
Book 2

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Flames of Arousal
Book 3

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Ecstasy Bound
Book 4

Excerpt of: Xylon Warriors II: His Carnal Need - an erotic, science fiction plus novel

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Copyright © 2005
All rights reserved

Book art by Syneca (print version)
Published by Ellora's Cave

Check out an excerpt below.


Warrior Erik Rhodes demands compliance from his men and submission from his women. He's found the woman he wants and intends to Brand as his own.

Leila Abdera hasn't submitted to a man in years. Now, the Xylon Leader demands she complete a sexual re-initiation to gain the ability to self-heal. She will need to submit to Erik...and to an entire Alliance of men during the rite.

Learning to trust isn't easy, but she falls for Erik and begins to crave his sexual dominance. Erik learns that he may control Leila's body, but she holds his heart and soul.


Sensuality, desire, action and adventure all rolled into one awesome book - Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio

EXCERPT (Leila's re-initiation)   Warning - Graphic Text

       Leila felt the chemicals stimulating her system, slowly changing her exhaustion once more to sexual desire. She raised her head and tugged at Erik's belt. She needed his cock in her mouth, wanted to experience the taste of him on her tongue. The healing elements she required seemed secondary to her at this point. Right now, she simply wanted him.

       She glanced up at his face. He was breathing deeply, his eyes heavy-lidded with passion. Because of her. Even on her knees, a sense of power filled her, more so than any dominant position she'd ever assumed during sex. She took her time unhooking his pants, tormenting him, making him wait.

       When she finally reached inside, he sucked in a sharp breath.

       Her fingers curled around him, not quite circling his thickness. His cock felt hot and incredibly hard in her hands. She pulled him out and caressed the long, purplish length. Velvet over steel. Perfect.

       Erik groaned, long and deep.

       She leaned forward and licked the head, swirling her tongue over the thick top and around the rim. She flicked the sensitive underside and dragged her tongue along the lightly ridged shaft, up and down.

       "Oh, damn!" Erik's hands fisted at his sides, and his muscles visibly tightened.

       Behind her, Braden sat on the bed. He slowly massaged her shoulders, then tugged her long hair behind her, wrapping the strands around his hand. "Suck his cock, Leila. Put the man out of his misery. He's waited for this longer than you know."

       Smiling slightly, she leaned forward again, wondering if Braden held her hair simply to give the others a better view of the action. She slid her lips over the bulbous head of Erik's cock and sucked. "Mmm." Even after everything they'd done to her, she found this act the most erotic.

       "Oh, yeah, Leila." Erik moaned. "Your mouth on my dick feels better than I ever imagined."

       "Deeper," Kam said from the side.

       "Yes, come on, Leila. You can swallow more of him than just the head." Braden pushed gently on her head.

       Yes, she could. His cock was big, but not unmanageable. She slid her lips down further over his shaft. So good. Erik's musky taste invaded her senses and made her crave more. He'd waited for this, Braden had said. Well, so had she.

An Erotic, Science Fiction Plus Novel
Copyright © 2005, All Rights Reserved

Order at:
Ellora's Cave
Barnes & Noble
AllRomance eBooks
Kobo Books (over 100 customer ratings!)


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