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Ruth's Fanzine - June / July 2014

Hello Readers!

No additional news about Xylon Warriors 5 yet. The book IS with my publisher, but I haven't received word yet on whether they're going to accept it or not. Keep watching the blog and my website. I'll post news as soon as I know anything.

This month, in the Fanzine, I'm continuing with the Xylon Warriors theme and have posted an excerpt from the third book (Flames of Arousal), which is Kam's and Halah's story. I hope you enjoy it and invite you to please give the series a read or recommend it to a friend. Reviews are also always appreciated.

Happy Reading!


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Wanton Desire, the 3rd book in my Wanton western historical series will be available in print soon. Yea!

I know that readers don't purchase print books as much nowadays. But given the popularity of ebooks and everyone moving to that format, these print books might just become collector editions some day. So get them while the publishers are still putting them out!

Watch my website for more information and an exact date on availability.

Xylon Warriors Series

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Book 1

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His Carnal Need
Book 2

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Flames of Arousal
Book 3

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Ecstasy Bound
Book 4

Excerpt of: Xylon Warriors III: Flames of Arousal - an erotic, science fiction plus novel

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Copyright © 2006
All rights reserved

Available in Print and Ebook Formats
Book Art by Syneca (cover is print version)
Published by Ellora's Cave

Check out an excerpt below.


Xylon Warrior Kam Nextor must find Halah Shirota.

Halah lives by her own rules. She's turned against her people and has been captured as a sex slave on the Sand Moon. Her military knowledge is needed to help destroy Marid's weaponry system and save Xylon from annihilation.

While fighting their enemies, Kam and Halah find renewed respect and an intense attraction for each other. In the end, those emotions must be enough to save them...or everyone will perish.


There is layer upon layer of intrigue going on throughout the story... Lots of action... It won't disappoint - Julia, The Romance Studio

** 2006 P&E Readers Poll TOP 10
** Fantasm Finalist for Best Space Opera Romance

EXCERPT: (aboard an orbiter in space)   Warning - Graphic Text

       Kam released her nipple. He lapped at the hard bud, rolling the flesh with his tongue.

       "Mmm. Nice," she told him.

       "I'll say," a male voice responded in a husky tone.

       Their gazes snapped toward Pitch, who now sat awake and watching them. With a frown, Kam leaned back. Halah clutched the front of her vest together. What lousy timing. It looked like everything --talking and sex--would have to wait until they were truly alone.

       "Don't stop on my account," he replied with a small grin.

       "Funny." She moved to get off Kam's lap, but he stopped her, holding her in place. Her eyes locked with his. "What?" They couldn't do anything more now. Why had he stopped her?

       Kam slid his hands up to hers. He pried her fingers loose from the vest.

       Her top hung open, partially exposing her. She looked at him in surprise and her heart began to pound against her ribs. Did he actually want--

       "Remember, you promised me anything," he said, with a lusty grin on his face.

       When he leaned back in to suck her nipple again, she gasped.

       "Oh, yeah," Pitch responded with a moan.

       She'd been to Lair Joining Parties plenty of times in her past, where the sex ran rampant. Multiple partners and voyeurism were the norm in the Xylon system. But she hadn't directly engaged in such behavior in many years. Again the erotic visions of Kam and Pitch came into her mind. Had this been inevitable all along?

       Since they sat sideways to Pitch, when Kam pushed her vest wide, Pitch had an unobstructed view of Kam's mouth on her breast. She could stop this. She probably should stop this. But she wasn't sure she wanted to. She knew Kam would never force her to do anything she didn't want. She also knew he wouldn't allow Pitch to touch her, if she said no. At the same time, the idea of having these two sexy men to herself, even if just this once, was quite a thrill. She couldn't stop the excitement that ran through her body at the thought.

       Pitch lightly rubbed his cock through his uniform while he watched her reaction. When she smiled slightly and pushed her breast more fully against Kam's mouth, he chuckled.

       Kam's teeth grazed her nipple, and Halah's pussy clenched. "Oh, yes." She moaned, closing her eyes and forgetting about Pitch and everything else for the moment. She just wanted to enjoy the pleasure coursing through her.

       With a gentle though urgent touch, Kam tugged her vest completely off and dropped it to the floor.

       "Rip all her clothes off, Kam."

       With a pop, Kam released her nipple. "That's Halah's move...and decision." He helped her off his lap, then sat back comfortably in the seat, crossing his arms over his chest. "Will you undress for us, Halah?" he asked her.

An Erotic, Science Fiction Plus Novel
Copyright © 2006, All Rights Reserved

Order at:
Ellora's Cave
Barnes & Noble
AllRomance eBooks
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