Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Men of Calder County

Hello Readers:

I have a NEW release -- Falcon, part of a 13-novella, western contemporary boxed set called Men of Calder County. 13 unleashed, untamed, unforgettable Texas men for your pleasure. If you pre-order, you get all 13 stories for only 99 cents. Now that's a deal!

Blurb for FALCON:
Falcon Savage never expects his high school sweetheart, the one he left behind, to still be living in their hometown of Bounty, Texas. When he returns as the new sheriff, he must once more deal with his feelings for this sexy woman -- his one and only true love.

Izabel Anderson is eccentric, takes crap from no one, and is still mesmerized by the hottest man in Calder County. Falcon ripped her heart out once and he’s apparently back for seconds.

But serious trouble has come to Bounty. Someone has targeted Izzy. They want her off her farmland. The townsfolk think she’s dizzy with her wild claims. Falcon knows differently and swears to protect her.

Faced with life or death, they work together to save her farm and each other. Their love still remains strong and they’re determined to survive so, this time, they can stay together forever.

Additional stories by:
Ciana Stone
Regina Carlysle
Fran Lee
Lynn Lafleur
Lacey Thorn
Ann Jacobs
Tilly Greene
Heather Long
Gayle Donnelly
Samantha Cayto
Robyn Mackenzie
Kristin Daniels

Pre-order at Amazon now: 99 cents, limited-time only - click HERE


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