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Ruth's Fanzine - Oct / Nov 2014

Hello Readers!

As you've probably heard by now... The release date for Xylon Warriors V: Depths of Desire has been rescheduled for November 7, 2014.

Because the book is again coming soon, I'm just going to repeat the excerpt in this issue of the Fanzine, except this time, I do have a cover to go with it. See below. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that this release date sticks! LOL

Also, a big thank you to everyone! All of my fans have been great and I adore you all. In this issue I'd like to give an extra special shoutout to my UK readers/fans. Lately my UK readers have really been coming through and helping me out. I appreciate you all spreading the word for me about all of my books.

Be sure to scroll down to the "DID YOU KNOW THAT..." section for more news. The excerpt is located below that for those who are interested. Happy Reading!


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Xylon Warriors Series

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Book 1

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His Carnal Need
Book 2

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Flames of Arousal
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Ecstasy Bound
Book 4

Excerpt of: Depths of Desire - an erotic, science fiction plus novel

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Copyright © 2014
All rights reserved

Available in Ebook Format as of November 7, 2014
Book Art by Allyse Leodra
Published by Ellora's Cave

Check out an excerpt below.


Xylon Warrior Torque Koll is seeing visions of a beautiful woman. She’s haunting his dreams, tempting and teasing him with her body, fulfilling his every desire. When he reaches Earth, he discovers the sexy illusion is a real flesh-and-blood woman. Now he intends to have her, no matter what.

Jaeda Spargo, head of an underground tracking facility, is shocked that the hunky man she’s been dreaming about is real. But he’s not human. He’s come to save the planet from an invasion and conquering the aliens isn’t his only intent. He also intends to conquer her.

As they fight the Egesa Slave Masters, Torque and Jaeda can’t ignore their sexual attraction. The emotional and physical connection between them is more explosive than either have ever experienced. Now they must win this war, so Torque can brand Jaeda as his mate. The fight will not be easy. But the reward makes for a strong alliance with victory being the only acceptable outcome.


   Coming Soon!

EXCERPT:   Warning - Very Graphic Text

       Torque Koll sensed the two men behind him. Waiting, eager, naked. He understood their need. His own need to fuck raged inside him hotter than ever. The men--one a Class 1 Xylon Warrior like himself, the other simply a humanoid male--stepped closer. The sexual energy in the small quarters intensified as all three of them stared at the naked woman, waiting to be taken, atop the narrow bed.

       Her body drew him unlike any other woman in his life ever had. Her skin looked like the smoothest of cream against the dark-colored bedding. Her breasts were round and full, with pearl-like nipples, begging to be sucked. The slight curve to her stomach appeared soft and womanly. The black, satiny-looking curls between her long legs made him itch to touch her all over. Inside and out.

       But it wasn’t only her body. Her soul called out to him with equal power as did her light gray eyes, which combined with her long black hair made for an eerily beautiful female. He’d never felt so possessive about a woman and didn’t know what to make of his strange reaction to her. In his life, he’d fucked far too many women to count. He’d loved none of them. Now…something stirred inside him. For her alone.

       A grumble drew his attention once again to the two men shifting impatiently in the background. One man he knew. One was a stranger to him. But both were known to her and one was a good friend. He wondered how good of a friend and a rare jolt of jealousy hit him hard. He hated the idea of sharing her with them but he had to. For her sanity.

       Torque stepped closer to the bed. Not very spacious for all of them. He muttered a curse under his breath. It would have to do. Few options existed here and time was a factor. Though this encounter hadn’t been planned for his pleasure, his cock stood painfully erect, needing to be inside her, fucking her hard. She wanted it too. He could see the desire in her eyes. But she wanted all of them and that knowledge aggravated the hell out of him.

       Her desire should be for me only, damn it. One day it would be. He swore it.

       His hand circled his steel-like cock and he slowly stroked himself. Her gaze followed each movement, as if assessing him and his worth. A smile tugged at his lips. He never worried about being seen as lacking. He had a massive cock, thick and long with just the right amount of ridges to stimulate a woman’s desire. After all his travels and experience, he knew how to fuck and make a female beg for more. She wouldn’t protest anything he wanted to do to her--anything any of them wanted to do to her. Not once the sexual fever took over.

       It was the way of the rite. The way he’d lived his whole life. She was now a part of Xylon’s traditions too, whether she wanted to be or not. And he had a feeling she wanted to be more than she’d ever admit to him. Maybe more than she’d admit even to herself.

       “Hurry,” she whispered in a breathy voice.

       He loved the way her pupils dilated as her arousal intensified. When she dragged her moist, rosy tongue across her bottom lip, he groaned. Tease. She’d done that on purpose to plunge them all into a fucking frenzy as his brother called it. Fine by him. They would give her everything her body could take and take from her everything her body could give. Three of them were here for her, but he would prove to her that no man could satisfy her as well as he.

       She slid her thighs apart and dipped her slender fingers into her pussy. “What are you all waiting for?” As she pleasured herself, she purred like a contented feline--a sound that would make a man from any planet drool.

       In response, his cock hardened even more, which he hadn’t thought physically possible. He might come right there without any further stimulation. That would be a first for him. Groans from the men behind him revealed that her actions had affected them too. Even so, they wouldn’t move until he did. He was the lead. And he intended to fill her pussy with a hunk of flesh a lot thicker than a finger. First though, something had been plaguing his mind and he needed an answer.

       “Don’t speak,” she said, as if anticipating his intent to question her. “Just fuck me hard, until I’m sated and worn out.”

An Erotic, Science Fiction Plus Novel
Copyright © 2014, All Rights Reserved

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