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Thanks to everyone who purchased "Xylon Warriors V: Depths of Desire" - Torque's story. I hope everyone enjoyed his journey. One more book will be written for the series - Tara's story. Don't forget to visit http://www.xylonwarriors.com and please follow on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/XylonWarrriors.

Next to be released will be the "print" version of Wanton Desire - the 3rd book in my Wanton western series. It will be available in trade paperback on December 1, 2014. You can preorder now at Amazon and B&N. You can find those links in the sidebar and also in the excerpt section.

Be sure to scroll down to the "DID YOU KNOW THAT..." section for more news. The excerpt is located below that for those who are interested. Happy Reading!


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Her Winged Fate has been contracted by Changeling Press. This is the sequel to Her Winged Mates. It's a HOT FLASH, science fiction, menage, erotic romance. It's scheduled to be released December 19, 2014. I'll have an official excerpt page up at the website soon.

Wanton Series

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Wanton Temptation
Book 1

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Wanton Surrender
Book 2

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Wanton Desire
Book 3

Excerpt of: Wanton Desire - an erotic romance, western historical plus novel

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Print Copyright © 2014, All Rights Reserved
Digital Copyright © 2012, All Rights Reserved

Available in Print Format as of December 1, 2014
Already available in Digital Format
Book Art by Syneca; Published by Ellora's Cave

Check out an excerpt below.


Heading back west, Emma wonders if Joe Jackson, the former gunslinger she once craved, will even remember her. She’s been in Boston a long time and hasn’t heard from him since she left. She still sometimes dreams of doing decadent things with the sexy man but won’t be indulging those fantasies. She isn’t planning to stay in New Mexico beyond a few days. Besides, she’s used to more refined gentlemen now.

When Emma Bray temporarily returns to Elk Valley, Joe is determined not to let her rip out his heart a second time. But that’s not going to stop him from sampling her body every way he can. Seems she’s turned into a proper city woman with an uppity attitude to match. Once he gets her in his arms, he intends to strip away that attitude right along with her clothing. He’s going to show her the erotic pleasures of the flesh and bring to the surface her every wanton desire.


"The numerous plot twists, and foreshadowing keeps Wanton Desire a fast paced read, and the steamy scenes between Emma and Joe are just right. The villains in this story are all different. Each one is bad, but some are more evil than others. A surprise ending wraps up this delightful romance, and readers will be pleased with Emma and Joe's ending," LeeErin, Night Owl Reviews.

EXCERPT:   Warning - May Contain Graphic Text

       She continued across the road and stepped onto the boardwalk. She opened the door to the sheriff's office and paused. It looked to be empty. The sheriff had to be somewhere nearby, otherwise the office wouldn't be unlocked. She'd wait. She stepped inside and closed the door.

She immediately noticed that they'd put up a divider wall between the main part of the office and the cells. It gave the sheriff and any visitors a bit of privacy instead of being subjected to the stares of whoever was incarcerated.

She set her bag on the seat of an old, slat-backed chair and stared out the huge front window. She expected to recognize the townsfolk who passed by but she didn't. So many strangers.

Somehow she'd pictured all of her old friends lining the road, awaiting her return. Well, maybe not lining the road but at least a few of them waiting nearby to greet her. How silly and naive--apparently. Elk Valley was not the same town she'd left behind. Just like she wasn't the same woman. Time changed everything.

She turned, and with a passing interest, scanned the wanted posters hanging on the wall. Torn and dirty. She could barely make out the faces or even the amounts on the bounties.

A noise caught her attention and she turned back toward the cells. They must have someone locked up back there. Or maybe someone was cleaning the cells and hadn't heard her enter. "Hello?"

No answer. But a moan further drew her attention.

She stepped forward, then hesitated. Somebody was probably just sleeping off a long night of too much alcohol. She dismissed the sound until a couple of grunts caused her additional concern. She couldn't, in good conscience, ignore it. Someone back there might be sick.

With caution, she stepped around the wall. At first, she didn't see anything other than one line of empty cells. Four it looked like. There used to only be two. They were smaller now, apparently divided in half and re-barred to make more areas for separating prisoners.

With the space between the cells and the wall fairly narrow, she couldn't see into the last cell. The construction seemed dangerous to her. A prisoner could just reach through the bars and--

Another groan and a creaking sound, like a cot moving, drew her from her thoughts and she continued down to the farthest end. The cell was definitely occupied. When she got close enough to see inside, she gasped.

A man, his pants down around his ankles, thrust his hips forward. The woman beneath him, her skirt pushed up to her waist, moaned and dug her fingernails into his bare butt. When she spotted Emma, she visibly tensed. But then she raised one hand, wiggled her fingers in a small wave and smiled.

"Hey there, honey. If you want some of this good hard lovin', you gotta wait your turn."

Emma felt so shocked that she couldn't move or even utter a sound. The woman in the cell definitely had no class. But then, it was hard to exude class with your legs spread in the air. And the man...

He jerked and turned his head toward her. "Hellfire," he whispered and scrambled to his feet, pulling up his pants at the same time.

Coming out of her shock, Emma spun on her heel and hurried back toward the front of the office. She couldn't move fast enough for her liking. She didn't know whether to be embarrassed, indignant, or...or--

"Get yourself together," she heard him say to the woman. "I thought you locked the door."

"Sorry, sweetie. I thought I did. Really I did. Stop scowling at me like some angry mountain lion or something. It's true. I swear it."

"It's embarrassing."

"Weren't no one I recognized. Prim-and-Proper is probably just passing through town. I'll bet she wishes she was the one getting fucked."

"Watch your mouth. That was a lady."

"Like I care." A loud laugh and a snort bounced off the jail's walls.

Emma made it over to the chair as fast as possible. She'd heard more than enough and seen more than enough. The woman back there obviously wasn't a prisoner. And she had no shame. Not that it mattered to her. She grabbed her bag and headed for the door.

"Emma, wait."

She hesitated and it seemed an eternity before she finally took a breath. After filling her lungs, she slowly let the air out and turned back toward the man. "Joe."

An Erotic Romance, Western Historical Plus Novel
Print Copyright © 2014, All Rights Reserved
Digital Copyright © 2012, All Rights Reserved

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