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Ruth's Fanzine - Dec 2014 / Jan 2015

Hello Readers!

NEW RELEASE! Her Winged Fate is now available from Changeling Press. This is the sequel to Her Winged Mates and completes the story. It's available at the Changeling Press website (coming soon to Amazon, B&N, ARe, etc.). See excerpt and link below.

Changeling Press is now calling my short, shifter stories the Project: Genome series. The BEST reading order for the series is: (1) Her Winged Mates; (2) Her Winged Fate; (3) Her Feral Mates; (4) Her Feral Pack; (5) Her Feral Destiny. The series is now complete!

In other news... The print version of Wanton Desire is now available for purchase. You can order a copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. This is the 3rd book in my Wanton western series and is Joe and Emma's story.

Be sure to scroll down to the "DID YOU KNOW THAT..." section for more news. Happy Reading!


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Her Winged Mates is getting a new cover and will be re-released. So if you can't find the book, it will be available again soon. The cover will match the sequel's OWL cover, which should look fairly cool and will link the stories nicely.

Project: Genome Series
(The Feral Division)

Her Feral Mates
click to download

Her Feral Pack
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Her Feral Destiny
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Excerpt of: Her Winged Fate - an erotic romance, science fiction tale

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Copyright © 2014, All Rights Reserved

Available in Digital Format
Book Art by Renee George; Published by Changeling Press

Check out an excerpt below.


Three owl shifters and one human female are on the run to survive.

Sheridin Jacoby must save three snowy owl shifters from being taken by a foreign government determined to discover how the shifter protocols work. Mast, Maze, and Mason aren't worried as long as Sheridin is with them and agreeable to being their mate. Their love will see them through anything.


   Coming Soon... Let me know what you think!

EXCERPT:   Warning - May Contain Graphic Text
(because this is a "hot flash" -- short story -- the excerpt is minimal)

       She sucked Mason’s cock harder, craving to taste his cum. When his black eyes locked with hers, he tightened his fingers in her hair and came in her mouth. He came so hard she couldn’t swallow it all. She didn’t care and let his cum overflow her lips.

       Finally, he pulled his cock from her mouth. He leaned over and gently licked her coated lips. “Our mate,” he said roughly.

       The words barely recognizable, caused a visceral reaction inside Sheridin that surprised her. Yes! She wanted to shout the word, but more so, she wanted to feel Mason’s, Mast’s, and Maze’s cocks inside her. Only then would all of them truly be joined as one.

       Sheridin Jacoby sat staring at Josh as the erotic memory of her and the three owls, who’d shifted into hunky men, played through her mind. She had indeed gotten to feel their cocks inside her. The memory was one she’d replay often in her mind. Of that, she was certain.

       How it all came about though, disturbed her. Josh had asked her to bird sit for him while he was out of town on a rescue. But that simply had been a ploy to further his research project.

       “So you set me up to be fucked by three owls?” The words sounded ridiculous coming from her mouth, and the jumbled memories now seemed more like fantasy than reality. But with the memories came a strong, sexual response. Her body wanted more.With effort, she pushed aside the physical need and concentrated on the man in front of her. When he didn’t answer her question, she cocked an eyebrow, a very deliberate move which had served her well in the past in getting answers.

       Josh cleared his throat. “I’m sorry I didn’t discuss it with you beforehand. Time was a factor. I’d hoped Mast, Maze, and Mason would take a liking to you and, if so, I figured they’d be better at convincing you to participate than I would. We don’t have any women currently on our research team.”

       “Yes, you mentioned that before.” As she was about to let him know exactly what she thought of all this and his role in it, he spoke again before she had the chance.

       “We needed someone we could trust with a science background who wouldn’t freak at what was happening, and we needed someone now while the owls are in their breeding season. Did they fuck you?”

       She felt her face grow red. She wasn’t about to let Josh know what had transpired between her and the owls. Um, the men. Whatever. Now that her normal senses had returned, she couldn’t believe she’d actually had sex with them. She didn’t regret it exactly. She’d enjoyed it. Well, her body had enjoyed it. Emotionally, she felt… Oh, hell, she didn’t know how she felt.

       “I guess they did, given the look on your face. Did they come? Did you come?”


An Erotic Romance, Science Fiction HOT FLASH story
Copyright © 2014, All Rights Reserved

Order at:
Changeling Press

Check for availability at the following vendors:
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