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Ruth's Fanzine - July / Aug 2015

Hello Readers!

A little bit of unexpected news. I'm going to be participating in a Christmas series this year. It will be a multi-author, novella series. I don't have all the details yet. I don't know how many authors will be participating, but I'm already working on the story, and it will release in December. I'll give you more information when I get it and when the novella is officially contracted.

In not so good news... All of the old Ellora's Cave links on my author site and at my website are no longer valid (see the "Did You Know That..." section below for why). You'll either be redirected to the home page or you'll get an error page. Sorry about that. The links will be corrected when I load my new author site design later this year. I'm not sure when the Addicted-to-Romance links will be corrected (most of those links are WAY old).

That's about all for now. But be sure to scroll down to the "DID YOU KNOW THAT..." section for additional news. Happy Reading!


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Ellora's Cave Publishing has a brand new website design. It's very light and professional looking. The covers displayed are nice and large, which I really like.

The erotic romance books are now being called adult romance to better distinguish them from the erotica books, and the non-erotic romances are being called traditional romance.

There are a few glitches -- the search engine needs work. But once all the bugs are worked out, I think it's going to be pretty spiffy.

Visit the site at

Xylon Warriors Series

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His Carnal Need

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Flames of Arousal

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Ecstasy Bound

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Depths of Desire

Read the BUZZ...

by Ruth D. Kerce

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Published by Ellora's Cave
Cover by Syneca

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After meeting his new commander, Adam wants to be her personal security bot and her eroti-bot. He has a secret that can kill him and needs to gain her trust.

===== BUZZ =====

A great, fast-moving story...fabulous! - Serena, FAR

Captivating...awesome read - Frauke, Mon Boudoir

Highly recommended - Angela Camp, Erotic RRT

Pulls you in from page one - Angel Brewer, TRS


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