Friday, September 25, 2015

Ruth's Fanzine - Sept / Oct 2015

Hello Readers!

"Christmas Cowboy" has officially been contracted by Changeling Press. I've turned the story in and am waiting on edits. It will release sometime in December, as part of a multi-genre holiday series. I'll let you know the exact date once it's scheduled.

That's all for now. But be sure to scroll down to the "DID YOU KNOW THAT..." section for additional news. Happy Reading!


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Wanton Temptation

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Wanton Desire

Read the BUZZ...

by Ruth D. Kerce

Copyright © 2007,
all rights reserved
Published by Changeling Press
Cover by Skyewolf

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Shadows created for the government have attached themselves to a human male & their sexual cravings are insatiable. Can a lab tech help before it's too late?

===== BUZZ =====

As can be expected from this author, the sex scenes are absolutely scorching, exploring all possibilities Not for the faint of heart!! - Lynn, FAR

This is not a story for the faint of heart. The reader should be prepared for one hot ride! - Candy, Sensual Ecataromance


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