Friday, March 25, 2016

Ruth's Fanzine - March / April 2016

Hello Readers!

My short story "Into the Storm" has a new cover and new formatting to include a clickable table of contents, bio, book list, and an excerpt of one of my other short stories. It's featured below. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the perfect time to give it a read, especially if you're a part of Kindle Unlimited, because the story is now an Amazon exclusive publication and free to all KU subscribers. Let me know what you think!

INTO THE STORM by Ruth D. Kerce
Copyright © 2011 (1st ed.) - 2016 (2nd ed.), All Rights Reserved
Cover Photo by Alexandr Vasilyev @
Light BDSM / Contemporary Tale

She has a chocolate fetish. His fetish is bondage -- something she's craved to try. When he shows up at her door, she can't just send him back into the storm.

Kindle - exclusive availability

If you work for a book review website and you'd like to review this title, email me at with a review request -- include the above book title, the URL/name of the website that you review for, along with your name & the ebook format you prefer.


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