Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Ruth's Fanzine - Oct / Nov 2016

Hello Readers!

I'm sure by now that you've all heard about Ellora's Cave Publishing shutting down at the end of the year. That means that 19 of my titles will no longer be available after that time -- get 'em while you can!

I'm not sure what the future will hold for me and my writing. I'm looking into re-releasing the titles, but I haven't made any definite decisions yet on exactly what I'll be doing or when. Stay tuned for more news in 2017. If you have any preferences/opinions about re-releases, please do let me know.

I still have 9 self-published titles available and 9 books available through Changeling Press (currently working on number 10), so please do continue to search for books by me and/or pick up titles that you might have missed.

My recommendation this month is my newest 3-book novella series - Savage Cowboys. This series follows the Savage men through 3 generations. The first book is historical. The second book is contemporary. The third book is futuristic.

For those who only read one genre of book, I do hope you'll still consider reading this series. The core of each is the story -- action, suspense, and romance -- with the setting taking second place, so I really do think (hope) that you'll enjoy all three of them.

If you've already read this series and enjoyed one or more of the books, please consider leaving a review on Amazon and recommending them to your friends. All recommendations are appreciated!

by Ruth D. Kerce

Sometimes the only way a widow can survive is to deal with the devil. When a woman offers a bounty hunter money to hunt down a killer, he agrees to do the job, but only if he can have her body as payment. Can lust turn into love?

by Ruth D. Kerce

Falcon returns to Calder County and must deal with his feelings for Izzy, who takes crap from no one and is the woman he left behind -- his first love. Now facing a stalker who's after her and her land, they must work as one to survive.

by Ruth D. Kerce

He thinks that a virus killed his horses and that his lover betrayed him. Now, she's found some of his beloved horses alive. Can they save their relationship and the rest of the horses? Is there time?

As always, I want to say a big thank you to all the readers who have enjoyed my tales over the years. Your support means more than words can say. Until next month, happy reading!


See You Next Month!

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