Friday, November 25, 2016

Ruth's Fanzine - Nov / Dec 2016

Hello Readers!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate the holiday! Since this newsletter comes out the day after Thanksgiving, I thought it appropriate to write a post about what I'm thankful for. Sometimes we focus so much on what we don't have that we forget to enjoy the things that we do have. Even through the stress, problems, and hard times, we can look for a silver lining.

* As you know by now, Ellora's Cave will be out of business by the end of the year. No, I'm not thankful for that. I mourn it. Before times turned hard, I made more money at EC than I ever thought I could with my books. I learned a lot. I met a lot of great people. I had a ton of fun. And I don't regret a moment of my time there. BUT, I am thankful that I'll be getting a second chance to expose new readers to my books when I re-publish them in 2017 and beyond.

* If you've followed my newsletters over the years, you'll know that I'm not in the best of health. I have severe back issues and pretty much daily pain. I can't make a bed, vacuum, grocery shop by myself, etc. Anything where you have to do that half-bend we all take for granted causes my back to spasm -- sometimes just light spasms, sometime horrific ones. BUT, I'm thankful that I'm still able to write most days, as long as I don't sit too long in front of the computer, and I'm alive to feel the pain, which is better than the alternative.

* Both of my parents are getting quite old now, and they're not in perfect health, especially my mother. BUT, I'm thankful that they're both still with me, and I feel blessed for every additional day that I have with them, because I know they'll be gone far too soon. I have no other immediate family, so I cherish each moment with them both and try not to stress over the small issues that often plague families.

* I'm thankful for the internet, which allows me to work from home and more easily connect with readers and friends. I'm thankful for television that entertains me. I'm thankful for books that transport me to a different place and time. I'm thankful for the seasons, each of which hold special meaning.

These are not the only things that I'm thankful for, but the list would be unending if I tried to make it complete. I hope during this holiday season that everyone can concentrate on the good that's around us, the good that we can find in the bad, and the good that we can create for others.

As always, I want to say the biggest thank you to all the readers who have enjoyed my tales over the years. Your support means more than words can say. Until next month, happy reading!


See You Next Month!

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