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Ruth's Fanzine - March 2014 / April 2014

Hello Readers!

Spring is finally here! I love the mild weather and fresh air. Such a good time to get lots of reading done. Hey, I had to get a plug in for reading somewhere. But it is true! Sitting outside with your favorite e-reader, discovering a new series to love or a great stand-alone novel, is the best feeling.

This month, in the newsletter, I've decided to feature my most popular series - Xylon Warriors. The covers shown are for the print books. The first 3 books in the series have different cover art for the ebooks. There are currently 4 books total available in this proposed 6-book series. I'm in pre-submission edits for book number 5 right now and having a great time with it.

I do hope that you're enjoying the series (recommend it to a friend; yes, I'm shameless - LOL). If you haven't tried the series yet, please do. After one book, you should be able to tell if you're going to like the rest of the series or not. There's lots of action and it's very character driven.

Happy Reading!


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Even after the Xylon Warriors series ends, I have plans for a possible connector series. Yep. Woot! More information on that in the future. So don't despair when the last book is released. I actually have a couple of ideas, which I'll be running by the readers. Surveys will be available. I'm looking forward to your opinions.

Xylon Warriors Series

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Book 1

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His Carnal Need
Book 2

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Flames of Arousal
Book 3

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Ecstasy Bound
Book 4

Excerpt of: Initiation - an erotic, science fiction novel

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Copyright © 200r
All rights reserved

Book art by Dar Albert
Published by Ellora's Cave

Check out an excerpt below.


Braden Koll is on a mission to retrieve a DNA-compatible, Earth woman for breeding, and sexually initiate her into The Lair of Xylon.

Alexa Sandor is having dreams about a planet and a duty she doesn't understand. A man, supposedly from that planet, has come to "initiate" her, so she can produce children to save them from a half-creature, half-humanoid race of Slave Masters.

Now she needs to find the courage to leave Earth for an unknown planet. Her decision will, ultimately, not only affect the future of Xylon, but Earth as well.


Action that will literally have your heart pounding, intrigue that will keep you guessing, an incredibly strong plot, characters that come alive on the pages, and sizzling hot sex. The sex in this book is quite simply outstanding - Adrienne Kama, TRS

EXCERPT:   Warning - Graphic Text

       Alexa felt her climax building. She couldn't hold her body still. She glanced up at Erik who sat next to her. He was almost as sexy as Braden. He was definitely more aggressive. The memory of his tongue penetrating her ass made her muscles clench. She reached for his hand and sucked two of his fingers into her mouth.

       "Yeah. Suck me, baby. That's hot."

       Braden immediately stopped licking.

       "No..." she moaned.

       Erik looked down at him and wiggled the fingers of his free hand to show Braden exactly *what* she was sucking. He smiled, then leaned over and whispered nasty things in her ear that made her squirm.

       A moment later, she felt Braden back between her legs, again eating at her pussy.

       While he did wicked things to her body with his mouth and tongue, Erik did wicked things to her mind, stimulating her with descriptive words and images of sex acts so provocative that she never wanted this to end.

       Braden's spanks, though they'd stung like crazy, had made her whole body ache with need. His and Erik's demands, along with her own admission, aloud, of what she wanted and needed, seemed to release a power inside her.

       Braden's tongue moved shallow then deep. He thumbed her clit, and a flutter started within her. It built as he continued the stimulation, then spread up her body with alarming speed.

       "Spill some more cream for him, baby," Erik whispered in her ear, as Braden's tongue curled inside her, magnifying the pleasure. Erik's tongue circled her ear, and his warm breath teased her. "You love being tongue-fucked, don't you? I bet you'd love another tongue licking your clit, and two more licking your tits, at the exact same time, all making you come at once, wouldn't you?"

       The forbidden image filled her mind. "Yes!" she screamed and shattered, climaxing hard.

       Braden stayed with her, rubbing and licking, until the last spasm disappeared. He pulled away, then kissed her bottom where he'd slapped it earlier. "Rest."

       Erik gently kissed her cheek. "You were great, Alexa. Try to sleep a while. We'll be back for more."

       *More.* She didn't think she could take any more. She felt them move away, but didn't know how far. She was too exhausted. The third and last part of the rite was still to come. A sigh escaped her, and as she started to wonder how she'd face herself later, after everything she'd allowed them to do to her, sweet oblivion set in.

INITIATION by Ruth D. Kerce
An Erotic, Science Fiction Novel
Copyright © 2004, All Rights Reserved

Order at:
Ellora's Cave
Barnes & Noble
Kobo Ebooks (rated over 300 times!)
AllRomance eBooks


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