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Ruth's Fanzine - July / Aug 2014

Hello Readers!

Xylon Warriors V has now been officially accepted by my publisher. I've signed the contract and am waiting now to received the paperwork back with the publisher's signature. More updates to follow as I receive them.

This month, in the Fanzine, I'm continuing with the Xylon Warriors theme and have posted an excerpt from the fourth book (Ecstasy Bound), which is Sam's and Brianna's story. I hope you enjoy it and invite you to please give the series a read or recommend it to a friend. Reviews are also always appreciated.

Happy Reading!


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Wanton Desire, the 3rd book in my Wanton western historical series will be available in print soon. Yea!

I know that readers don't purchase print books as much nowadays. But given the popularity of ebooks and everyone moving to that format, these print books might just become collector editions some day. So get them while the publishers are still putting them out!

Watch my website for more information and an exact date on availability.

Xylon Warriors Series

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Book 1

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His Carnal Need
Book 2

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Flames of Arousal
Book 3

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Ecstasy Bound
Book 4

Excerpt of: Xylon Warriors IV: Ecstasy Bound - an erotic, science fiction plus novel

by Ruth D. Kerce

For readers 18 & over only!

Copyright © 2009
All rights reserved

Available in Print and Ebook Formats
Book Art by Syneca (cover is print version)
Published by Ellora's Cave

Check out an excerpt below.


Sex and survival.

Xylon Warrior Brianna Koll is determined to concentrate on her duty. But she’s drawn to an Earth man, Lieutenant Colonel Sam Briggs, in ways she's never felt before. Now her duty will bring them even closer. She needs to sexually Initiate Sam in order to save Earth. The rite--a breeding preparation and protection ceremony for Xylon Warriors--will alter his semen, so a serum can be developed to protect Earthlings from the Egesa Slave Masters' diseases and poisons.

To save Earth, Sam is more than willing to go through the public, erotic, multi-partner ceremony. And to be with Brianna. Her alien genetics intrigue him. But it's become more than just physical. His sexual fantasies about her have grown into true passion. Only their commitment to their people and to each other will enable them to survive and they don't have much time. The Egesa are on their way to Earth to enslave the planet.


** 2009 P&E Readers Poll TOP 10

EXCERPT:   Warning - Graphic Text

       As he’d sat there transmitting the data to the tracking center, it all had hit him at once—the monumental burden of his responsibility, of his very possible failure. All this was so much more than just another assignment. He’d been separated from his kind and sent on an alien mission to ensure Earth’s survival. “Fucking geez,” he whispered.

       Part of his job was to learn whatever he could about the Xylons and report back. Even after being here only a short while, he’d already found out quite a lot. Although alien, Xylons looked perfectly human. He’d been told that differences existed but he hadn’t seen anything of significance. When they spoke, he understood their English perfectly. His ego wasn’t so large as to rank Earth and his own native language as the foundation on which every other civilization in the universe was based, so he’d asked Brianna about it. Though some of them did indeed speak English, among other tongues, according to her, their own language auto-translated into whatever foreign ear was in range via signals sent to the brain based on known genetic markers. Quite a scientific accomplishment.

       One of the other things that had greatly piqued his interest was that breeding between Xylons and humans was possible and had been taking place for centuries. In fact, for the last several years, they’d often harvested females from Earth for breeding purposes, from what Pitch and Brianna had told him. His superiors would definitely be interested in that information.

       Of course, if they were snatching or impregnating women against their will, he doubted they’d inform him of that. Perhaps some of the alien abduction stories on Earth had a basis in fact after all.

       After his stay in the Lair, he’d already known that sex between Xylons and humans wasn’t a problem. Since then, he’d desperately wanted a taste of an alien female. Not just any alien female of course. Only Brianna. Thoughts of her kept him warm at night and sane during the day.

       He ached to see her naked, to find out what any physical differences might be and to sate his hunger for her. Then at least he’d have that special memory once they parted ways.

       He shook his head, dismissing the thought that he might never see her again after they got out of here. Somehow that possibility bothered him more than he’d expected. More than it should.

       The stress of everything had exhausted him and was making him feel more compassion for these people than was prudent. His eyelids felt heavy and his chin dipped to rest on his chest.

       As soon as he began to drift off, the visions came to him as they did almost every time he closed his eyes. Visions of Brianna.

       He no longer tried to push the visions away as he had in the beginning. Why should he? He wasn’t some robot.

       At first he’d thought the sexual visions odd, the way they repeated over and over, as if they weren’t really his own but instead were, well, implanted maybe. A strange thought, he knew. He’d watched one too many science fiction flicks in his time, he supposed. Soon enough though, he’d changed his mind about the fantasies, and though often problematic or even awkward during the day, he sought them out each night.

       He wondered what Brianna’s pussy really looked like. He needed to know. Beyond his fantasies. He swore that before his mission was complete he’d find out first hand how a Xylon pussy truly looked, felt and tasted. And how deeply his cock would fit inside.

An Erotic, Science Fiction Plus Novel
Copyright © 2009, All Rights Reserved

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Ellora's Cave
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